51“Virtute Siderum Tenus”


Wing Commander Bear

Bear small

rafwings_sm8/5/2000 Accepted as Pilot Officer


fltlt_sm26/10/2000 Promoted to Flight Lieutenant for efforts for the EAF


sqnldr_sm27/11/2000 Promoted to Squadron Leader of the newly formed 51° Stormo



18/9/2002 Awarded the British Empire Medal for excellent service to EAF and leadership of 51 Stormo


ussrwings 7/11/2002 Award USSR Pilot Wings for participating in VEF


wing commander

25/7/2003 Promoted to Wing Commander over 51° Stormo wing


rrc125/7/2004 Awarded the Royal Red Cross Medal for repeatedly helping friends in trouble during Operation Union Jack


mbe8/5/2005 Awarded M.B.E for 5 years of duty


1/7/2010 Awarded Africa Star for participating in Libya and/or CentMed SEOW


13/8/2012 Made X/O of EAF



obe24/12/2012 Awarded O.B.E for 10 years of duty