Group Captain Mikke




“For Norge”

Pipilotoff_smlot Officer 16/10/1999 Joined the European Air Force as Pilot Officer



afcAwarded afc 7/1/2000 Awarded Air Force Cross for 5 kills in one career



bathOrder of the Bath 12/1/2000 Awarded Order of the Bath Kill ratio of 5 to 1 or better in one life after 10 missions


afmAir Force Medal 22/1/2000 Awarded the Air Force Medal for 25 kills total



dfcDistinguished Flying Cross 26/1/2000 Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for 25 kills in one carreer


dfmDistinguished Flying Medal 7/5/2000 Awarded Distinguished Flying Medal for 50 kills total


trainingTraining Officer 9/5/2000 Assigned as Training Officer



flyoff_smFlying Officer 13/5/2000 Promoted to Flying Officer



dsoDistinguished Service Order 27/6/2000 Awarded Distinguished Service Order for 50 kills in one carreer


fltlt_smFlight Lieutenant 12/7/2000 Promoted to Flight Lieutenant



sqnldr_smSquadron Leader 1/12/2000 Promoted to Squadron Leader



grpcp_smGroup Captain 5/11/2001 Promoted to G/C and take over as C.O. after Serval




UussrwingsSSR Wings 5/11/2002 Awarded Soviet Wings for participating in VEF


RedStarRed Star 4/1/2003 Awarded Red Star for getting 10 ground kills in VEF (same life)



GoldStarHero Soviet Union 5/5/2004 Awarded Hero Soviet Union for getting 10 kills in VEF (same life)


PatrioticWarPatriotic War 5/5/2004 Awarded Patriotic War medal for staying alive in 10 VEF missions (same life)


mbeOrder of the British Empire 16/10/2004 Awarded M.B.E for 5 years of duty



AfricaStarAfrica Star 1/7/2010 Awarded Africa Star for participating in Libya or CentMed SEOW



obeOrder of the British Empire 24/12/2012 Awarded O.B.E for 10 years of duty