EAF 41 Wing

41  WING

The Wing is made up of a number of english speaking pilots from all over Europe and the USA who basically enjoy flying together. We try to fly well, learning our aircraft, weapons systems, tactics etc so that we can fly effectively either individually or as a group online in public servers and campaigns. We train quite a lot on our own mission servers and help each other to come up to speed.

We fly all types of aircraft from wooden bi-planes to modern day jets in the more advanced combat flight simulators such as DCS, IL-2 Battle of series and Cliffs of Dover.

Below is a list of our active pilots, with their “specialities” in brackets, so you know who to go to if you need help. Most have kept their historic squadron codes, a left-over from the old days when were were organised by squadron, but this is not really necessary today. When new pilots finish their basic training in EAF OTU, they can be posted to a squadron if they have any particular affinity with the pilots or the aircraft they fly.




EAF79_OD_ (DCS AV-8B Harrier)

EAF79_Topsy (DCS Spitfire MkIX)

EAF79_Viper (DCS F/A-18 Hornet)

EAF92_Osprey (DCS F-14 Tomcat & RIO, F-5 & MIG-21 )

EAF331_Mikke (DCS Viggen)


EAF331_Starfire (IL-2 OTU)

EAF331_Stuntman (DCS Spitfire MkIX)


EAF602_Puff (IL-2 Flying Circus, DCS Spitfire MkIX)

EAF602_Red (DCS F/A-18 Hornet)

We have a number of other pilots who are in training like EAF_Mike, or guests like Ducksen and Spitbua.

331331 Squadron

1919 Squadron

9292 Squadron

602602 Squadron

79vRAF Crest - Transparent.psd

79 Squadron