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  2. StageZero [GAME & TS SETUP]
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  7. StaGe05 [NAVIGATION]
  8. StaGe06 [GUNNERY]

Welcome Trainee

First congrats for being officially an EAF trainee.

This doc is to prepare you for your first training session.

You will need to make sure that you have the right programs installed and that they work and you have access to the right part of the forum.



The Forum

Your have probably already found the forum since your are here :-)

When you become a trainee you should get access to “Trainees nest” and “ACM and Tactics” rooms

Make sure you have!!!

If you do not please send a PM to Nepe_EAF51 or Starfire_EAF331 ASAP and we will make sure that the right paperwork will get through.




Your Computer


The game

You should install

  1. Cliffs of Dover
  2. TeamFusion patch:


3.00 patch:…NnlCSWZtcXNUQw

3.01 mini-patch:…dVVGOFJqQThUQw

4.00 patch:…RkU3bUNGa2NUQw – Part 1…RkVlM1Q0WjhUQw – Part 2

4.03 patch:…

4.312 hotfix:…


Game installation

you can check this page:


If you need you can download a blank scheme for a keyboard and popular joystick & hotas for taking notes about customized keybord mapping.




Joystick Setup guide at Mission4Today



Your will need to make sure you have allocated keys for the following Controls:


toggle primary cockpit illuminationCLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
toggle secondary cockpit illuminationCLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
increase sight distance (gunsightrange)CLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
decrease sight distance (gunsightrange)CLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
adjust gunsightleft (gunsightwingspan)CLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
adjust gunsightright (gunsightwingspan)CLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
toggle gunsightilluminationCLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
course setter -increaseCLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
course setter -decreaseCLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
directional gyro -increaseCLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
directional gyro -decreaseCLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
toggle selected engine (ignition)CTRL+“I”CLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
directional controls (ailerons, elevators, and rudder)Joystick & Rudder Pedal axesESSENTIAL
Trim controls (elevator and rudder)Joystick hat switchESSENTIAL
Field of View + (allows you to zoom out)ESSENTIAL
Field of View–(allows you to zoom in)ESSENTIAL
lean to gunsightNOT ESSENTIAL
fire gunsJoystick Gun Trigger

  • Machine guns (Controls:” Weapon 1“)
  • Cannons (Controls:” Weapon 2“)
  • Bombs (Controls:” Weapon 3“)
throttleThrottle axisESSENTIAL
boost cut-off (boost cut-out override)ESSENTIAL
toggle canopy/hatchESSENTIAL
increase mixtureESSENTIAL
decrease mixtureESSENTIAL
open radiatorESSENTIAL
close radiatorESSENTIAL
increase propeller pitchUsually set to Axis for second throttle. Set to keyboard otherwise.ESSENTIAL
decrease propeller pitchUsually set to Axis for second throttle. Set to keyboard otherwise.ESSENTIAL
Toggle undercarriage (landing gear)ESSENTIAL
Wheel brakesESSENTIAL
engage emergency undercarriage systemCLICKABLE IN COCKPIT
Toggle Independent Mode (allows you to use/hide mouse cursor)ESSENTIAL






















































If you have any problems ask one of your Training Officers (T/O) or drop a post in our technical forum, soon someone will help you.



Team Speak 3 (TS3)

EAF uses this program for voice communications.

You can find it here

Download and install the Windows Client


Server name: EAF_whatyouwant
Nickname: EAF_YourNick
Password: tuneineaf






  • Setup Microphone
  • Check for correct volume inside an outside game.
  • Setup keys for changing channels

Headtracker / Track IR


Check tracking



Useful documents


In Pursuit A pilot’s guide to Online Air Combat