EAF Crest OD - TransparentWelcome to the European Air Force

Who we are?   spit41

EAF is a virtual squadron born in 1998. We are from all around Europe (but we have some USA pilots also). We fly WWII flight simulations and jets. We started with EAW, IL2-Sturmovik, Cliff of dover and now we are flying mainly Battle of Stalingrad and DCS. Here you can read the EAF history


What we do?202-1

Every Monday and Thursday night we meet to role play, fly and reenact historical missions. We are focused on team play, tactics and training. Often we compete in tournaments and campaigns with and against other squads.

Who we are looking for?otu_TigerMoth

We are recruiting and training virtual pilots, both green and experienced who want to improve their flying skills, and teamwork in a relaxed and friendly way. Read our rules, check our training program, and if you like it come and fly with us. Then if  you like what we do, enlist!