EAF History

History of the EAF

European Air Force

The EAF was founded in 16th December 1998 by Serval and some other flight sim players from the Netherlands.

In Servals words:
“Since I loved playing EAW on-line I wanted to start a group for it. Expecting that it would last 6 months or so. Gizmo, then calling himself Petersen also wanted to help set up the group. Through newsgroups I met some other Dutch like Striker and Elmar. We figured to start a group called 322: the Dutch RAF squadron. One of the first evenings we appeared on-line with our tag, Camouflage asked us if he could join. We told him no, since we wanted a Dutch only squadron. But his question made me think and the idea for the European Air Force and the structure with multiple squadrons after RAF example: 322 and 331. We figured this way people could be in one team, but maintain their own identity. We told Camouflage about our solution, but he was allready recruited by LLv34. Then we met Erik from Norway on-line and asked him to join so we could form our new 331 squadron.”
From that early beginning we grew in to a large online community, from all over Europe, all flying under the identity of the EAF. But still retaining national identity by flying in historical RAF squadrons, such as 331 Squadron which was a Norwegian maned Squadron during the war. We now have six RAF based Squadrons and an Co-belligerent Italian wing. I don’t think that from those humble beginnings did Serval ever imagine what the EAF would grow into.

The European Air Force has now reached its teens!

The EAF was founded on the 16th December 1998

The European Air force is a group of over 30 players from all over Europe. We are divided into two Virtual Wings: 

41 Wing, consisting of: 

19 Squadron (UK) 

79 Squadron (UK/Multi) 

92 Squadron (UK) 

310 Squadron (Czech/German) 

322 Squadron (Belgian/Dutch) 

331 Squadron (Scandinavian) 

602 Squadron (Scottish) 

51° Stormo Wing (Italian) 

The European Air Force fly mostly RAF aircraft in the flight Simulations that we play. The structure of our community follows the structure of the RAF in WWII. However we are not limited to only RAF flying and will often fly on the Allied side of whichever Country we are representing in many of the online campaigns we get involved in. 

51° Stormo is our Co-belligerent Italian wing, under the command of the European Air Force. Even though it is not an original RAF squadron, 51° Stormo flew Spitfires during the latter part of WWII. 

After many years flying “IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946” and later “IL-2 Sturmovik Cliff of dover”  currently we support the flightsim , “DCS for its WWII modules” and  “IL2:Battle of series”.

If you have any questions you can Email us.