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New DCS WWII channel map: is it good?

The release of this map came to quite a surprise to many of us and I for one went for it straight away. The map is about half the size of the Normandy map, but then the Channel at the Straights of Dover is not as wide and you get a feel of having quite a lot of terrain in France. Many simmers think that this map can be useful for re-creating the Battle of Britain period, but if you look at the available airfields and their level of equipement my feeling is that the map is correct for early 1944. On the UK side the map only has the following airfields : Detling (grass runway & hard stands for hangars), Manston (both a grass runway and a massive 3-lane concrete runway with lots of hangars & hard stands), Hawkinge & Lympe (like Detling but with the addition of blast pens) and High Halden with two long wire mesh runways and about 80 parking slots. Research shows that this “temporary” airfield was built in 1943 and the first operational unit to use it was the USAAF 358th Fighter Group who moved in on 13th April 1944. The FG operated 3 squadrons of P47, 365thFS (CH), 366thFS (IA) and 367thFS(CP). The field was also used by 616Sqdn RAF operating Meteor jets against V1 flying bombs. Currently in DCS we don’t have the right German aircraft types for Normandy (except the Fw190A), nor for the Channel and if we start talking of using this map for the 1940-43 period we don’t have the correct Allied types either.
There is talk that Biggin Hill will be added, but this is about on the extreme western limit of the map. For the 1940 afficiandos, many more airfields would need to be added like Eastchurch, Littlestone, Wilmington, Canterbury, and those familiar with Cliffs of Dover will regret not having the multitude of airfield west of Biggin Hill and north of Eastchurch. I guess one day they could merge the Normandy and Channel maps !

In France the LW are also short of BoB era airfields. The nearest to Cap gris Nez is Dunkirk followed by St Omer, Merville and Abbeville. The map extends just south of Amiens, with Dieppe to the west and Douai to the east.

To resume this map could be good for missions that simulate the softening up of Axis targets in the Pas de Calais area prior to the Normandy landings (Jan-Jun 44), as the deception plan was to make the Germans believe that the landings would be in the Pas de Calais area, and post D-Day for the 2nd TAF to block German reinforcements moving west and from 14th June the campaign against V1 launch sites in France with ADGB operating anti-diver patrols over the Channel and southern England. Ideally the allies should have Tempests, Typhoons, Mosquitos, Spitfire MkXIV’s and the LW programmable V1’s to launch against London, plus the appropriate flyable fighters & bombers (Bf109G, Ju88, …).
So much for the historical aspect ! The map quality at ground level is astounding ! If you have Combined Arms it is really worth setting up a few driveable “FAC Forward air controller” vehicles in the mission so that a few players can jump in a jeep or a half-track and take a drive through the countryside. The variability of the buildings, fences, railings, vegetation, and accessories such as fruit picking ladders, piles of wood, piles of petrol drums hay carts, old lorries, cars is such that I drove around for an hour and never had the impression that I was seeing the same thing twice. Even just driving around an airfield is an amazing experience. Below I’ll post a few screenshots of my drive around Maidstone.

There is one howling mistake, in England the vehicles should drive on the left. It was lucky that I was driving a US left handed Jeep and used to driving on the right, as I avoided a british car coming at me on the wrong side of the road!

you can buy the channel map here:

here is a nice video of the map by Philstyle from the air

while if you want to check the detail from the ground check this


DCS Formation Flying practice mission

Download the mission and practice flying in close formation with the ai!

Ai will not give you engine settings or speed so you will be forced to constantly asses closure rates and respond accordingly with pitch, roll and throttle inputs. Remember better 2 small corrections than a big one that overcorrects!

EAF Meetings

Traditional EAF 51 Christmas Launch

Top from left to right: Cirso, Mr No, Luft, Chip, Fox, EAF19_Marsh Bottom Left to right: Trip, Wwwolf, Dedalo, Bear, Storm, Pesca, Cappe, Jimmi Mascotte: Lucky 
Top from left to right: Cirso, Mr No, Luft, Chip, Fox, EAF19_Marsh Bottom Left to right: Trip, Wwwolf, Dedalo, Bear, Storm, Pesca, Cappe, Jimmi Mascotte: Lucky

Yesterday we held our traditional Christmas Lunch.

It has been the occasion to meet again, talk about our future virtual activities, meet our guest Marsh from EAF19 Squadron and have a toss to remember our missing pilots Italo and Blitz!

Oh, and yes eat a ton of mortadella, tagliatelle and tortellini!


RIP EAF51 Blitz

Si è creato un vuoto nel 51° stormo dell’European Air Force.
Blitz ci ha lasciato

Ther’s a big void in European Air Force 51 stormo
Blitz left us.

Blitz con 2 delle sue grandi passioni gli aerei e i suoi cani (nella foto manca solo un contrabbasso, era un bravissimo musicista)
Blitz with 2 of his great passions, airplanes and his dogs (this photo misses just a double bass, he was a gifted musicians)

Vorrei ricordarlo con le parole di Chip che l’hanno descritto benissimo.
i would like to remember him with Chip’s words that perfectly caught his spirits

Giancarlo was special, i knew him from many years and he’s always been that way, as we knew him, straight, fragile, passionate, depressed, out of the common.

By all means life didn’t spare anything to him, and many time he found his fate by beating against it. He wasn’t an easy person, with a seemingly strong character but instead hiding a fragile spirit in need of help.
Help he sometimes accepted and sometimes refused, making you angry.

He was one of old EAFers, with us since the start, with his highs and lows, but certainly part of the team when carried away.
He never saved himself when he needed to do something for the group and his cooperative missions for the original il2 are still wonderful and engaging.

We spent many hours flying those missions and talking on how to get them better. He had a gift for those things and never stepped back, you can see it from the numbers still available on our website.

It’s really true, you miss a person when she’s not there anymore, you give it for granted that many things don’t happen, but when it does, you stay dazed, unwilling to believe and asking yourself if you could have done something more.

Now anywhere he’ll be, he’ll find the calm and peace that he missed on this earth. I wish for him that a place like that exists, made of light and peace were he could fly wing by wing with Italo.

Farewell Giancarlo, they say a pilot never dies, he just flies higher…

Giancarlo era una persona particolare, lo conoscevo da tanti anni ed è sempre stato così, come lo abbiamo conosciuto, diretto, fragile, entusiasta, depresso, fuori dal comune.

Certamente la vita non gli ha risparmiato niente e a volte il destino se lo è cercato correndogli incontro. Non era una persona facile, un carattere all’apparenza forte che nascondeva un animo fragile bisognoso di aiuto.
Aiuto che a volte accettava e a volte lo rifiutava in toto, facendoti a volte incazzare.

Uno dei “vecchi” dell’EAF, con noi sin dagli inizi, con alti e bassi ma certamente presente nel gruppo quando era spinto dall’entusiasmo.
Non si risparmiava quando c’era da fare qualche cosa per il gruppo e le sue missioni per IL2 sono ancora bellissime e coinvolgenti!

Abbiamo passato tante ore a volarle insieme e a discutere su come migliorarle per farle più immersive. Aveva un talento per queste cose e non si risparmiava di certo, lo si può vedere dal numero che ne ha fatte ancora disponibili sulla nostra pagina web.

E’ proprio vero, senti la mancanza di una persona quando questa non c’è più, dai per scontato che certe cose non accadono e quando accadono resti così, incredulo e stranito, domandandoti se potevi fare qualche cosa di più.

Ora dovunque sarà, avrà trovato la pace e la serenità che gli sono mancati su questa terra. Spero per lui che esista un posto del genere, fatto di luce e di pace, dove potrà volare ala contro ala con Italo.

Addio Giancarlo, dicono che un “pilota” non muoia mai, vola solo più in alto…

il link dove potere scaricare le coop mission di Blitz per il vecchio il2
Here’s the link for Blitz’s Coop Mission pack for the old Il2


Thrustmaster Joystick settings

These are my flight settings for the thrustmaster Hotas joystick.


Cliffs of Dover Storm of War Updates

War is coming…

The long awaited news about Storm of War server has arrived. Starting from Sunday 11th September the dastardly Blues will be back over the skies of Southern England trying to spread their strange sausages to our fair isles.

Below is the announcement from Reddog:

I’m pleased to announce that Storm of War 4.0 will be launching the weekend after next, on Sunday the 11th of September.Thank you all for your patience and ongoing support, it has been a great motivating factor knowing that many of you are waiting for this server to come back online.

As we’ve previously mentioned on the forums, Storm of War 4.0 is going to bring some changes to the campaign and the environment we’re building. We’ve tried to learn from our past mistakes, and take on board player feedback where possible but this is a return to OUR vision more than anything. Storm of War has always been aimed at recreating as best we can the large scale air operations of the Battle of Britain, while adding decision points and some immersion creating features for players to enjoy. We hope you like what we’ve done.

The main changes can be summed up here:
Points are back – recon points

Yes, points are back although slightly modified in mechanics. The LW can now score points by reconning new targets, and the cost of specifying a target for an upcoming mission is reduced significantly. Additionally, the points modifier for scoring points during ‘events’ ie the Monday, Thursday and Sunday events is back, meaning that any points scored in these periods will be tripled. We hope that by doing this, we will refocus the command teams and players on these events which provide so much more than just a set time to play.

AI Bomber modifier

One of the problems we have encountered all through the SoW journey is how to try to incentivise players to play the game the way we intend. This means that the Luftwaffe fighters are supposed to support and escort their bomber force, not just ignore them or use them purely as bait. Therefore, we have introduced a modifier for the resupply of LW fighter aircraft based on the recent proportion of LW AI bomber losses. Only AI bombers are counted, so as not to discourage players from flying bombers. Only aircraft that are destroyed on the RAF side of the front lines (as per the map) will be counted against this modifier. Additionally this single mechanic hopefully places equal incentive on both sides and therefore provides a focus for action around the AI raids.

Revised Resupply rates

One of the outputs from SoW 3.0 was that aircraft supply was probably too high for many of the common types. We acknowledge that during the BoB aircraft were never truly a problem for the RAF, but pilots were. However, short of preventing reflying, or other artificial measures to curtail player activity we cannot replicate this, and to be honest that is exactly what we DON’T want to do, we want to have a populated server and one that allows players to enjoy the environment we’ve built whenever they are free to play. Consequently the mechanism has stayed.

As I say, with resupply rates being too high, or a surplus of aircraft building up for both teams, we have tweaked all rates of resupply for common types down. We have also tweaked the rates for rare types UP, so E4N’s and E4B’s should be seen in the resupply pool’s from time to time.


As previously announced, we think we have convoys working. They work as follows: A notice to Airmen will be posted on the Campaign Diary page if convoys are active during a phase. A convoy represents a target of opportunity and therefore does not need to be reconned to attack. However reconning it will allow the convoy to be tracked on the campaign interface and show its location. Once a convoy is destroyed then there is no need to recon it to gain points, they will be awarded automatically. 
* Please note, that due to CLODism’s, moving ships are notoriously stupid, and we may find that more convoys are sunk by inept waypointing, than by enemy action. Think of this as mine activity. :)

Command Team changes

On the subject of the Command Teams, I would like to ask you all to appreciate their volunteering for the roles and respect that they are “in charge”. I don’t expect them to be ordering you about in real life, or demanding you salute them when they come on Teamspeak but they are nominally in command of your team and I’d ask everyone to play along in the spirit of the game. Some may roleplay a little, some may not. Just go with it and remember to have fun. We are not playing for a row of houses or a lottery jackpot after all.
The command teams both have a restricted access forum at their disposal to discuss strategy and contentious issues. Phill and I do NOT have access to the LW forum, and Dietrich does NOT have access to the RAF forum. 
The command teams are as follows, and their members can be seen via the forum here in case of later change:
Luftwaffe Team – OKL … roup&g=121 – Dietrich, JG4 Hanseat, AKA Wiley, 1./St.G.129 Cassius Calhoun, 9./JG52 Meyer, =AD= B777R, 
RAF Team – 11 Group … roup&g=156 – Reddog, Philstyle, 71st_AH Rob, 19RAF MJDixon, No.85 Cam
NOTE: Admin are included as full members and will be taking an active role.

The command teams have control over the following functions (both sides except where noted)
The ability to select a target in exchange of points (LW Only)
The allocation of replacement aircraft at the respective resupply bases to squadrons which have assigned dispersals.
The allocation and deallocation of dispersals to squadrons who have declared for that side.
The use of repair teams to a specific friendly objective which has been damaged.

Repair Teams

The concept of repair teams is still being developed, but represents a single, one off use of manpower and materiel to aid the repair rate of a specific objective. Each team will have a set number of teams available at the start of the campaign. Repairs continue to be made only during a night phase. The allocation of a repair team is immediate regardless of the current phase and if the target is destroyed completely in the meantime the repair team is wasted. Because all targets repair at different rates I cannot give specific effects of the repair team. Do not expect them to repair a target from heavily damaged to undamaged in one night. Repairs will continue to be lengthy operations.

Active Targets

The system for picking the active targets has been modified for the LW. Each mission they will immediately have 3 active targets instead of the one, but those targets will be the only ones presented, they will not gain extra targets as they hit existing ones. RDF and convoys remain as targets of opportunity outside these 3 active targets.

Additionally, the next raid info should now tell you which target is to be hit and when and where that raid will spawn, hopefully making it easier to form up with the AI.

So, what do you need to do now? 
1) make sure your steam name is in your profile
2) make sure you have joined/set up your squadron
3) squadron Co’s should make sure they have declared for a side.
4) request from your command team a base and starting aircraft.