51“Virtute Siderum Tenus”


Flight Lieutenant Blitz


Giancarlo was special, i knew him from many years and he’s always been that way, as we knew him, straight, fragile, passionate, depressed, out of the common.

By all means life didn’t spare anything to him, and many time he found his fate by beating against it. He wasn’t an easy person, with a seemingly strong character but instead hiding a fragile spirit in need of help.
Help he sometimes accepted and sometimes refused, making you angry.

He was one of old EAFers, with us since the start, with his highs and lows, but certainly part of the team when carried away.
He never saved himself when he needed to do something for the group and his cooperative missions for the original il2 are still wonderful and engaging.

We spent many hours flying those missions and talking on how to get them better. He had a gift for those things and never stepped back, you can see it from the numbers still available on our website.

It’s really true, you miss a person when she’s not there anymore, you give it for granted that many things don’t happen, but when it does, you stay dazed, unwilling to believe and asking yourself if you could have done something more.

Now anywhere he’ll be, he’ll find the calm and peace that he missed on this earth. I wish for him that a place like that exists, made of light and peace were he could fly wing by wing with Italo.

Farewell Giancarlo, they say a pilot never dies, he just flies higher…

Here’s the link for Blitz’s Coop Mission pack for the old Il2


29/10/2002 Joined the european air Force


pilotoff_sm17/1/2003 Accepted as a Pilot Officer in the EAF


flyoff_sm8/3/2004 Promoted to Flying Officer


25/6/2004 Awarded British Empire Medal for support of EAF and EAF51 events


ussrwings 23/8/2004 Awarded USSR Wings for participating in VEF


fltlt_sm12/7/2005 Promoted to Flight Lieutenant taking over as X/O of 132° Gruppo, 51° Stormo


mbeM.B.E 24/2/2008 Awarded the M.B.E for 5 years of duty


1/7/2010 Awarded the Africa Star for participating in Libya and/or CentMed SEOW

obe24/12/2012 Awarded O.B.E for 10 years of duty


cm18/1/2013 Awarded the Commemorative War Medal 1940-41 and Bar for participating in the Crete Campaign


SOW20 Veteran

Storm of War 2.0 Veteran 12/2015 awarded for participating SOW tournament.


RIP 20/10/2017