EAF41 Swoop

41wing“Virtute Siderum Tenus”spit41

Wing Commander SwoopSwoop


rafwings_sm 17/12/2002 Joined the European Air Force


pilotoff_sm4/2/2003 Accepted as a Pilot Officer in 92 Sqn


training_BadgeTraining Officer 10/7/2003 Assigned as Training Officer


flyoff_sm17/7/2003 Promoted to Flying Officer


sqnldr_sm23/8/2004 Promoted to Squadron Leader of newly formed 19 squadron


RedStar24/4/2005 Awarded Red Star for becoming a CW ace (5 kills in one life)


GoldStar17/6/2005 Awarded Gold Star for 10 air Kills in CW (in one life)


PatrioticWar24/2/2002 Awarded Patriotic War medal for surviving 23 CW missions (same life)


mbe4/2/2008 Awarded the M.B.E for 5 years of duty


training_Badge8/4/2010 Taking over the leadership of OTU


AfricaStar1/7/2010 Awarded Africa Star for participating in Libya or CentMed SEOW


obe24/12/2012 Awarded O.B.E for 10 years of duty


cmCommemorative War Medal 18/1/2013 Awarded the Commemorative War Medal 1940-41 and Bar for participating in the Crete Campaign




stalingrad9/5/2013 Awarded the Defence of Stalingrad Medal for participating in the Stalingrad Campaign


dst30/7/2013 Awarded the Defence of Soviet Transatlantic Medal and Bar for participating in the Murmansk Campaign


SOW20 VeteranStorm of War 2.0 Veteran 12/2015 awarded for participating SOW tournament.

SOW banner3Storm of War 3.0 Veteran 2016 awarded for participating SOW tournament.